December 8, 2022

New Features Recap:

Our fall 2022 Content Update brings a new major feature to Sifu, as well as numerous additions:

Replay Editor: Ever thought about directing your own kung-fu masterpiece? Immortalize your best moments with the Replay Editor! Place the camera wherever you want, change its parameters, set up camera movements, add effects, slow down or speed up the action… We are looking forward to what you will create!

Cheats/Modifiers: New Cheats & Modifiers have been added. Try using them in combination with the Replay Editor to capture the actions you envision! Goals have also been added: upon completion, they will grant the currency needed to unlock those new Cheats/Modifiers.

Full list of changes:

Design -  Outfits:

  • Added 3 new outfits with unlock conditions (including 1 Deluxe exclusive outfit)

Design - Replay Editor:

  • Added the Replay Management menu and the ability to record gameplay. Both options are available from the in-game Photo Mode menu.
  • Start/End Recording: Decides when gameplay should start/stop being recorded. Some events, such as cutscenes, will automatically stop the ongoing recording, but your replay will be saved regardless.
  • Replay Management: Lists all the recorded gameplay sequences (replays), and shows how much can still be recorded. Replays can be loaded (opening the editor), deleted, or reset (reverting all editing on the replay).
  • Editor: Used to edit your replay. The main features are:
  • Settings: Add effects similar to the Photo Mode’s over the whole replay (color, exposure, vignette, ratio…). Select the music you want to play over your replay.
  • Timeline Mode: Navigate the replay and edit it through customizable keys you place on a timeline.
  • Keys: Define the replay’s behavior at a specific point in the timeline. Change how the camera behaves (custom position, gameplay cam, static or moving toward the next key’s camera position, following/looking at a target…); change the playback speed past this point (slower/faster); add fading transitions… Keys can be moved, copied/pasted, or deleted.
  • Free Camera: Freely place the camera, change its rotation, zoom, roll… and save these parameters into a key.
  • Play Final Edit: Play your replay from the beginning, with the music you have selected. Some effects and sounds only happen through this option. The interface is hidden when playing your edit which allows you to record it with the external capture software of your choice.
  • We will keep working on the Replay Editor in the future. Some events and elements are not yet correctly replicated in replays, and we plan on adding a few other features to the tool as we keep improving the interface.

Design -  Cheats/Modifiers:

  • 4 Cheats added (“Structure-Craking Deflect”, “Infinite Focus”, “Free Throw”, “Starting Age”) 
  • 3 Modifiers added (“Pendant - Hard Death Counter”, “Health Only”, “Structure Only”)
  • 1 “Student-only” Modifier added (“Vampire”)
  • 21 Goals added + 1 Deluxe exclusive goal
  • Tweaked the “Enemy Attack Speed - Faster” Modifier (reduced how much faster enemies attack are for better readability & aesthetics)
  • Several fixes regarding existing Cheats/Modifiers (“Double Damage”, “All skills unlocked”, “Disabled skills”…)

Design -  Flow:

  • When starting a New Game, players are asked if they want to start with the permanent unlocked skills from other saves or not.
  • When starting a New Game, players can skip the introduction and go directly to the Wuguan (if it was played once in another save).


  • Adding a new slider in the Gameplay option menu “Takedown Camera Distance”.  
  • Various bug fixes throughout the game.


  • Various fixes for The Squats.


  • Some fix to improve navigation controls.

Sound design:

  • Added main gameplay audio to the replay editor.