December 21, 2022

Sifu is finally coming to Steam and Xbox, right alongside Title Update 4: Arenas!

We know the community has been dying to play Sifu on even more platforms after the success it had on Playstation (PS4&5), PC (Epic Games) and Nintendo Switch! We're excited to bring the game to an even broader audience, and we hope you'll continue to enjoy Sifu well into 2023! We'll definitely have a lot more news to share with all of you after our Christmas break.

As for Title Update 4, you can get a sneak peek from our Xbox & Steam reveal teaser here:

Arenas will sport nine stylish new maps, each featuring exclusive new challenges of varying difficulty levels, adding multiple hours of the classic Sifu gameplay fans have come to love. Successfully completing the arenas will progressively unlock a massive new batch of modifiers, which doubles the amount currently available in-game, and notably brings alternative moves to the Kung Fu palette of our main character. Completing the new Arenas' challenges will also unlock new cheats and exclusive new outfits.Sifu is one of 2022’s most successful games both commercially and critically, with 1.5 million copies sold to date and several Game of the Year nominations across respected international media outlets. Lauded for its attention to detail and fast-paced, precise animation, Sifu is a game like no other, and now students and masters alike can enjoy one of the year’s best games on the platform of their choice: PC (Epic and Steam), Xbox One/X|S, PlayStation (4/5) and Nintendo Switch.

See you all in January!