February 3, 2023

Hello and welcome to this second community contest, this time centered around the Replay Editor, released in Title Update 3! If you ever wanted to have your filmmaking skills acknowledged worldwide (or at the very least in our humble Parisian studio), this is your chance!

Put your creativity to the test in three different video categories! The best submissions will be rewarded with some neat Corsair hardware from us, and featured in a special video shared on our socials and YouTube! If you feel overwhelmed by the Replay Editor, check out our feature overview video and our in-depth text guide to get you started and join in on the fun!

Read up on our Terms & Conditions before choosing to participate in the contest! This is particularly important if you want to know whether you’re eligible to claim our physical prizes, as well as to know how to send us your entries!

You can find the contest's Terms & Conditions here!

Good luck!