March 28, 2023

Patch 1.19 - Arenas Update

New Features Recap:

The Arenas update is here with a ton of new content and a long list of changes following player feedback!

Arenas: Nine brand new closed maps with five challenges each, for a whopping forty-five challenges across the board! We've also added a few new trophies related to the Arenas.

Cheats/Modifiers: New Cheats & Modifiers have been added. Alongside a slew of new ways to play the game, you can finally customize your moveset with new moves!

Outfits: Added 3 new outfits (including 1 Deluxe-exclusive) with unlock conditions tied to the newly added Arenas mode.

Cantonese Voiceover: (available in the 1.20 patch) The Cantonese voiceover is now available!


  • 9 new maps.
  • 45 challenges/5 challenges per Arena.
  • 5 game modes: Capture, Performance, Survival, Time Attack, and Manhunt.

Cheats, Modifiers and Goals

  • 9 new Modifiers.
  • 28 Cheats added (including 16 moveset-related cheats, each replacing specific attacks with alternate moves).
  • Changed the "Double Damage" Modifier to "Damage Multiplier": you can now set the damage taken from enemy attacks with a multiplier ranging from 0.5x to 4x.
  • Reworked the "Chanbara" Goal: you now need the newly-added (and more thematically accurate) Golden Kodachi (previously required the Golden Machete).
  • Reworked the "Fast Recovery" Goal: has been changed to accommodate for the latest scoring system changes (time limit increased from 2 seconds to 10 seconds).
  • [Nintendo Switch] A Nintendo Switch-specific Goal has been added to replace 2 goals that required the Replay Editor, unavailable on the platform.

Other Design Changes

  • "Lessons" added: In the Training Room, the player can now access lessons designed to help them understand and practice advanced combat mechanics.
  • The scoring system has been adjusted to take the Arenas mode into account.
  • Rebalance of the following enemy types: Flashkick, Disciple, Juggernaut and Bodyguard.
  • New attacks have been added to the Juggernaut archetype.


  • Tweaked the score-related Trophies' requirements in accordance with the scoring system changes introduced after the game's launch.
  • 8 new Arenas-related Trophies have been added (4 of which have hidden requirements).

Design Fixes

  • Master Difficulty: Fajar's elbow combo now has a hitbox on every attack.
  • Fajar should no longer get stuck in a specific attack loop when the player flees.
  • The Disciple enemies can now use a wall jump attack from their left side.
  • The remapping option "Press Type: Toggle" is now properly taken into account in the training room.
  • Sparing bosses now rewards experience points.
  • The player character should no longer drop from ledges when avoiding near one.
  • Enemies should no longer drop from ledges when avoiding or blocking near one.
  • The Cheat "Health Management: Structure Only" should no longer alter bosses' behavior.
  • The scoring now freezes when finishing the last enemy of a wave/area, and resumes only when engaging new enemies.
  • Enemies should now be more reactive to the player character using traversal actions (such as hopping over an obstacle).


  • New tutorials have been added! They are accessible from the main menu, or by interacting with the training dummy in the Wuguan.


  • Added more enemy variety (appearance only).
  • 9 new maps (Arenas), with dynamic transitions for 5 of them.
  • 3D Arenas menu.
  • New Golden Weapons.
  • Various minor art fixes.

UI/UX - Arenas

  • Added a "Traversal/Jump" hint.
  • The Arenas can be accessed from the game's Main menu.

UI/UX - Replay Editor

  • Can now delete keys directly from the Timeline.
  • Undo/Redo available on more screens.
  • [Steam/EGS] Replay size limitation removed.
  • Replays now display their "Last Modified" date in the Replay Manager.
  • Some options now have more detailed tooltips.
  • Improved Key Templates for Time Dilation and Fade keys.


  • Various fixes regarding the translation of Attacks/Skills names in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Added the missing mention in most languages regarding a Shrine bonus affecting Focus gain on both avoids and parries.
  • Replaced all instances of the word "Temple" by "Sanctuaire" in French.

Sound Design

  • An attack of which special properties are absorbed or nullified by an enemy will now use a regular "impact" SFX.
  • Added an SFX when enemies are knocked out when Gameplay Sound Effects are turned off.
  • Improved the audio sync from takedowns during Time Dilation effects from the Replay Editor.

Patch 1.20 - Day 1 Patch

We've heard your feedback regarding some of the underused, underwhelming (or sometimes straight up non-functional) moves, and we finally got around to do some balancing to help with some of those weaker attacks.

Design Changes - Attacks/Moves

Duck Strike
  • Damage increased
  • Startup reduced
  • Follow-ups changed
Chasing Strikes
  • Enemies will not block the rest of the attack after being struck by the initial hit
  • Increased hitstun on the final hit
  • Recovery time reduced
Invert Throw
  • Player character is now invincible during the throw animation
  • Recovery time reduced (on successful throw AND on whiff)
  • Follow-ups changed
Hook Intercept
  • Structure damage increased
  • Player character takes reduced damage during the animation
Turnaround Duck Strike/Hook Intercept
  • Added resilience during the animation
  • Main character takes damage during the animation
Push Kick Combo
  • Added Chasing Strikes and Chasing Trip Kick as follow-ups

Design Changes - Focus

All weapon Focus attacks
  • Cost reduced to 1 Focus bar
Double Palm Focus
  • Damage on wall splash increased
  • Damage on collateral targets increased
Strong Sweep Focus
  • Knockdown duration increased
Vertical Strikes Focus
  • Damage on the second hit increased

Design Changes - Bladed weapons

  • Chip damage increased on enemy block or deflect
Post-parry attack
  • Damage increased
Light Attack Chain's last hit
  • Structure damage increased
  • Recovery time reduced

Weapon Bugfixes

Charged Backfist (Bat)
  • Can now hit downed enemies
Snap Kick (bladed weapon)
  • Added an up-avoid window

Sound Design

  • The Cantonese voiceover has been added to the game!
  • Cutscene voiceover volume should not be affected by the Sound Effects volume slider


  • Fixed some translation issues in Simplified Chinese


  • Fixed various bugs regarding UI/UX, Art, and Sound Design.