September 14, 2022
  • [GOALS] Fix an issue where certain goals were not retroactively unlock in the case unlock conditions where fullfilled in a run of a previous version
  • [PHOTO MODE] Fix an issue where using Back input with settings menu opened would make the text dispappear in photo mode.
  • [PHOTO MODE] Fix an issue where settings menu could not be opened in some cases.
  • [PHOTO MODE] Fix an issue where the "S" key on keyboard was shared between two different input actions, making it impossible to navigate with the camera
  • [MUSIC] Fix an issue where the music would abruptly stop when ending a certain fight in "The Tower" level.
  • [SKILLS] Fix a visual issue where the permanently unlock skills from a previous version would appear invisible or grayed out in Skills & Character menus.
  • [SCORING] Various tweaks on new scoring system - (Avoid/Deflect and parries + taunts will not increase your score anymore to avoid exploits, but takedowns on enemies with higher health will give you more points)