August 31, 2022

New Features Recap:

Our Summer 2022 Content Update brings two new major features to Sifu:

Scoring system: A new way to evaluate and reward the player’s performance. More precise and complete, this new scoring system pushes the player to master every aspect of the game. A highscore is saved at the end of each hideout allowing the player to complete goals and unlock various rewards.

Cheats/Modifiers: Change how the game works by enabling Cheats and Modifiers! Use them to create custom challenges, have an easier time, or just for fun. Once you have reached any ending, the dedicated menu appears in the level select screen, along with the Goals menu. By completing Goals, you obtain a currency you can spend to individually unlock the Cheats and Modifiers you want.

Full list of changes:

Design -  Outfits:

  • Added 2 new outfits with unlock conditions (1 deluxe)

Design -  Scoring:

  • Score: The player gains score for each action performed. The value depends on many factors such as the frequency of use or ease of access.
  • Multiplier & Multiplier Gauge: The gauge increases every time the player gains score. Filling up the gauge increases the multiplier. The gauge decreases when the player is too passive or gets hit.
  • Efficiency: The score and the multiplier gauge change color depending on the efficiency of the player to gain score. 
  • Highscore: The player is able to set a highscore for all the hideouts. The high score is displayed in the Level Selection screen in the Wuguan.

Design -  Cheats/Modifiers:

  • Modifiers menu added and is accessible from the level select screen after clearing the game at least once. The Modifiers menu is available from the start in Student difficulty, but only a few accessibility-oriented Modifiers are available before you reach the end of the game.
  • Goals menu added (accessible from the level select screen after clearing the game at least once)
  • 8 Cheats added
  • 11 Modifiers added
  • 2 “Student-only” Modifiers added
  • 43 Goals added (clear them to receive the currency needed to unlock Cheats and Modifiers) + 1 deluxe-exclusive
  • Cheats prevent your progress from being saved while active, but Modifiers do not. High scores cannot be saved if any Cheat or Modifier is active.

Design -  Permanent Unlock:

  • Unlocking a skill now adds one permanent unlock counter. 
  • The counters and permanently unlocked skills are now shared between saves, regardless of the difficulty.

Design -  Hotfixes:

  • Fix various bosses weapon issues in the training room
  • Fix a combo loop against Fajar using the Duck Strike


  • Various fixes and global performance improvements


  • Various fixes lighting


  • Update display and feedback for the permanent unlock counters.
  • Update of the XP feedback spent on the skill purchase pop-up
  • Update feedback scoring too fit with the new scoring feature 
  • On death the player can now restart the current Hideout or quit the game from the “Give Up” window
  • Revamping of the photomode to improve the player experience

Sound design:

  • Fix music occlusion issue in the right balcony situation [Hideout 2]
  • Fix waterfall occlusion issue [Hideout 3]
  • Various UI sound fix
  • Various mix tweaks