February 26, 2021

After releasing Absolver, we chose to build on our experience creating exciting and innovative martial arts gameplay, and used everything we learned from our first game to create a 3rd person action game featuring intense Kung-Fu combat with unprecedented authenticity. Inspired by our passion for Kung Fu, and martial arts movies in general, we decided to focus on a single-player experience to build an immersive adventure featuring deep and challenging gameplay.

Sifu puts you in control of a young Kung-Fu student who has dedicated his very soul to his quest for vengeance. After his family was murdered by a squad of mysterious assassins, our hero has spent the next eight years of his life preparing his revenge.

The day of reckoning has finally come, and he will hunt down the murderers one by one without letting anyone get in his way. To overcome the odds stacked against him, he will rely on his Kung Fu skills, and on a magical pendant that revives him upon death. This magic has a cost though: our hero gets older every time he comes back to life. How long will you manage to survive before having to start his quest again? Is one life enough to have Kung Fu?

We are excited to finally share our work with the PlayStation community. We are committed to making Sifu a unique experience of martial arts action, as well as an authentic and respectful homage to the Kung-Fu genre.

Stay tuned for more news and content in the coming weeks.